At Virtuality, we are proud to offer a collection of entertainment options for all age groups. Our entertainment options are suitable for a variety of occasions such as birthday parties, team building activities, or simply having fun with friends and family. All our experiences are private for your safety.


Virtuality has escape room games that are perfect for groups like families and workgroups. Come check us out and have a fun day at virtuality.


Our Virtual Reality stations are equipped to play the best-in-class games. We offer more than 60 VR games and many of these games are multiplayer games that can be loads of fun for teams and friends alike.  Check the VR Games page for details.


TowerTag is an experience where players move around from tower to tower while shooting at the other team. Come enjoy competing against your friends in VR at Virtuality.

Hospital of Horror

Dare enter the hospital of horror which has been abandoned due to some remaining inhabitants. Attempt to survive the creeping terrors of the hospital. 

A Minimum of 4 players is required to experience this attraction. 
 Maximum Number of Players:6


Laserbots is a kid-friendly free-roaming VR experience in which you and your friends are fighting evil Laserbots with lightsaber and laser deflecting shield. It is a high-intensity game, be ready for a workout and loads of fun...

A Minimum of 4 players is required to experience this attraction.

 Maximum Number of Players:6