Frequently asked questions


What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows users to experience virtual environments that are beyond the actual reality. Traditionally, users of VR need to use VR headset tethered to a high powered PC. At VIRTUALITY, all of our VR experiences are untethered using state-of-the-art wireless technology that allows an unparalleled immersive VR experience.

What kind of services does Virtuality provide?

VIRTUALITY is proud to offer two distinct VR entertainment options: VR Escape Rooms: In the VR escape room, you work collaboratively with others to solve the puzzle or reach the goal of the game in a virtual environment. You play together with your family or friends in a common space using backpack PCs and VR headsets. Unlike the traditional escape rooms, VR escape room experience is not limited to your physical surroundings, it is beyond reality. VR Arcade Gaming: VR Arcade gaming involves experiencing a plethora of VR games using the most advanced VR technology available. We currently offer more than 30 VR games and actively adding more. We offer games from a variety of genres and many of these games are multiplayer games that you can play with your family, friends, or team by renting multiple stations.

Can Virtuality accommodate special events and parties?

Yes, VIRTUALITY can accommodate groups of several sizes and different age groups. We have an area that is available for use of large groups complementary to serve food. We can also take care of the setup, food and clean up after the party at an additional nominal fee. Please contact the store at (901)6249451 or email at to book large groups.

How old do I have to be to visit Virtuality?

VIRTUALITY has two kinds of Virtual Reality offerings - VR Escape Rooms and VR Arcade Gaming. For the VR Escape Room, we recommend a player be a minimum of 10 yrs or older. For the arcade games, our recommendation is 8 yrs and above. There is no maximum age limit for any of these offerings. In the case of medical concerns, please contact your primary care physician for a recommendation.

Does Virtuality have kids friendly games?

Yes, VIRTUALITY has several kids friendly single-player games like Space Pirate Trainer, Beat Saber, Job Simulator, Tilt Brush, ABC Paint, Fantastic Contraptions and many more. We also have several multiplayer games like Loco Dojo, Cow Bots and Aliens, Smashbox Arena and many more. For a detailed listing of arcade games please refer to the Arcade Games page.

What age do I have to be to sign a customer waiver?

You must be 18 or older to sign the customer waiver. Your parent or guardian can fill the waiver on our website in advance of the visit as well. Please go to the following link to fill out the waiver to complete the waiver before your visit.

Arcade Gaming

How does Arcade Gaming work?

VIRTUALITY has over 30 VR games and experiences. You can pick any game at any time during your session. Each VR Station is inclusive of a dedicated gaming computer and is equipped with 1 headset, 2 controllers, and over 30 virtual reality games and experiences. When deciding the number of stations, there are a few things to keep in mind: Only one person can play in a station at a time. Sharing stations are permitted, but you have to take turns (one person at a time). To play multiplayer games with your group, you need to book multiple stations.

Am I allowed to share VR stations with other players in my group?

Yes, you can share the station with another person in your group. Just a few things to remember when deciding to share a station. only one person can play in a station at a time for multiplayer games each person will need a station

How do I play VR Arcade games with others in my group?

VIRTUALITY has several multiplayer games that can be of interest to groups of different sizes. For multiplayer games, you will need to book multiple stations. You can share stations among your group; however, only one person can play at a time.

Escape Room

How big does my group need to be for the VR Escape Room?

Our Virtual Reality escape rooms at VIRTUALITY require a minimum of 2 players. These VR Escape Rooms can accommodate up to 6 players. Groups larger than 6 can be broken out into 2 groups since VIRTUALITY has multiple VR Escape Rooms that can play the same game.

How do the VR Escape rooms work?

VIRTUALITY specializes in VR gaming. This includes our escape rooms. Each player will get a backPack PC/laptop that they wear along with a headset and 2 controllers. All of these in combination help transform the play area into the game. During the game, the players are enclosed in an escape room area which gives them the freedom to move around and perform actions to defeat the Virtual Reality Escape Room. You will be able to see each other as avatars in the game during the escape room game. The Virtual Reality Escape Rooms generally run between 40-45 mins. Reservations are recommended for guaranteed spots.

What is difference between Free Roam Escape Rooms and Arcade Based Escape Rooms?

In the free-roaming escape rooms Players have the ability to roam around in the environment just as they would do in the real world. In these escape rooms players wear backpack PCs on their backs for an untethered exprience. A typical game lasts 40-45minutes.

In the Arcade-based Escape room exprience players use the controls on the VR controllers to move around(teleportation) in the Virtual world. Arcade based escape rooms are played at the arcade stations with each player playing at their station.At the Arcade stations the palyers wear the wireless headset and requires players to use some in-game controls Familiarity with video gaming will further enhance the arcade based escape room experience. These games typically last 45-50 minutes in time. .