COVID- 19 Safety Plan

At Virtuality, our mission is to entertain you with an immersive, safe, and memorable experience that you can cherish with your friends and families. As we re-open, our priority will always be the safety of our guests and employees. We have developed and implemented a set of new safety measures to further enhance safety.

  • To minimize the number of people on the premises at any given time, admission will be by Appointment Only

  • The maximum number of players for each escape room is limited to 4 players; you will never be playing in one of our escape rooms with a stranger.

  • All the players will have to complete a brief questionnaire about any exposure to COVID-19 before coming to the facility.

  • We do a touchless check-in. 

  • All the players will have access to facial masks and gloves if they wish to wear them.

  • All players will have the option to use a VR Mask to minimize the contact between headset and skin.

  • All employees will be pre-screened and their temperatures will be checked before they start their shift.

  • All VR equipment will be thoroughly disinfected between each use with medical-grade disinfectant.

  • All high-contact surfaces will be frequently disinfected.

  • All employees will use PPE( facial covering and gloves) when they interact with customers.


If you are looking for a private and safe fun activity away from the crowds, Virtuality can provide you with that experience. We are always here to offer you, your friends, and family a memorable and safe entertainment option in these stressful times.

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the above-mentioned safety measures. Please call us at  (901)6249451 to make the reservation or book your experience online.

Looking forward to seeing you at Virtuality soon.